Interior Premium Paints​

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Aura is Benjamin Moore's Premier Paint. This exclusive product has patented Color Lock technology which allows for long lasting color and durability. All finishes are washable and can be flawlessly touched-up.

Aura Bath & Spa combines all the benefits of Aura paint with the added properties to resist mildew and withstand high-humidity environments.

How to use Aura

REGAL Select has stain release technology which allows for easy cleaning of your walls. REGAL is excellent for hiding imperfections at the same time as providing uniform coverage.

ben has been formulated for an easy painting experience. ben is splatter resistant and allows for a smooth finish that touches up easily.

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UltraSpec 500 is the hidden gem in Benjamin Moore line. UltraSpec is the most affordable of the Benjamin Moore paints and is more affordable than the paint you can get at your local box store!